Magic is omnipresent in the world.

It surrounds everything.

Mages describe it as streams which are flowing underneath them and which they can use to shape things. These streams are like the purest form of energy, so they are often called the essence of everything. It is believed that there was nothing before these streams and that a being used them to create the world.

There are different kinds of streams, one for each element. The Essence of Fire, the Essence of Earth, the Essence of Water and the Essence of Air.

Skilled Mages can also interweave two stream into a new one. So far, this has been achieved with:

Water and air

The Essence of Lightning

Earth and fire

The Essence of Metal


And then there is one stream which flows underneath them all and which is the purest form of magic: The Essence of Fate. It can determine your destiny and can bend time itself.

It’s the source of most life.

Elementalists can make use of the four elemental streams. Fateweaver can read the Essence of Fate and thus get visions of the future or the past. The most powerful Fateweaver can change the fate of the ones they touch.


The last and most dangerous and mysterious stream is the Essence of Chaos. Because of the tragic accident in the southern monastery a small creek of it flowed into the world. It is the direct opposite to the Essence of Fate.