Snow, Gingerbread and Fate Part III

She forced herself to go on. Mentally, she stopped her thoughts from going. She didn’t have the time nor the desire to walk down that path in her memories. She had more urgent matters to attend to like buying very important spices and special herbs for her… medicine. Wirough was the only town on this bloody land where she could get Boestos’ tears. As the name suggests, this plant only grew at this time of the year and it was, well… hard to get. It wasn’t some flower which grew on the side of the road or in the woods. And you couldn’t just buy it from your local market. It was more like an “in the shadows” sorts of business. She had often tried to persuade the vendor to tell her where she could find the flowers because she only needed a handful of it. But he kept it a secret. She thought about forcing him to tell her but she wouldn’t want to draw attention to her little secret.

The flower was needed in a special potion which let her sleep better at night. But if one changed some ingredients, it would become one of the deadliest and non-traceable poisons on Ren. So she had to be careful not to let “her King” know about it. He was already paranoid enough anyway.