Snow, Gingerbread and Fate Part XI

“Hey, you two!” a voice suddenly rang out behind the two wannabe thieves. They whirled around startlingly. Simahaa took a step to the side to peer past them. A young man and woman were standing there at the entrance of the alley. The man had a short bow at the ready with an arrow on it. The woman stood slightly behind him, holding a long staff. The man eyed the daggers of the boys and then Simahaa. She wasn’t holding a dagger anymore; it had vanished into her cloak a moment earlier.

“Need help, good woman?” the young man said.

“Are these two kids making you any trouble?” the woman said.

“Well yes, a little help would be appreciated,” Simahaa said. “They wanted to rob me and defile my naked body or something like that.”

“W-What?!” the left boy said, eyes wide open.

“You crazy old hag,” the right one said. “We didn’t want to do anything like that!”

“I would suggest that you get the bloody sheep-shit outta here before my husband shoots an arrow up your bony little butts!” the woman said. Simahaa immediately liked her.

The two boys looked at each other one more time before stumbling out of the alley. As they passed the woman and her husband, the woman gave them a smack with her staff. “Find a decent job!” she called after them.