Snow, Gingerbread and Fate Part X

The two looked at each other in confusion. “What’s s-so funny, old hag?” said the right one. He tried to sound intimidating but failed miserably.

“Well first, I am no hag, thank you very much,” Simahaa said and waved around with her dagger which made the two flinch. “Old yes. Maybe. Older than you two snotty-nosed brats anyway. And second, if you’re already putting on your stolen clothing, at least wash yourselves properly! Everything about you screams: ‘I am a lousy thief’!”

They inspected their clothing like seeing them for the first time. “W-we found it!” the left one said.

“Of course you did,” Simahaa answered calmly. “Well, what now boys?”

The left one whispered something to his friend and then they started arguing. Simahaa couldn’t understand what they were saying, but as both pulled out daggers of their own – the left boy hesitated a little – she guessed they had come to an agreement.

Oh fate, in what mess have you brought me this time? Simahaa thought. It had been a while since she last had to fight. She might be able to defend herself against one, but two? The best option at the moment would probably be to just run away or call for help, but she didn’t want to do either. So she readied herself and took a defensive stance like she had learned so many years ago.

The boys hesitated one more heartbeat before coming closer.