Ren is the land where Ren’s Underworld takes place. It’s a small coastal land lying in the south. On the east it is bounded by the ocean, in the west it adjoines to Loren and in the north to Silen. The land is narrow and can be crossed in a few days marches, however its mountains are quite high. In the south it consists only of smaller islands.

Ren itself has a moderate climate with a rich flora and fauna. In the north the temperature drops and the landscape gets bleak.


Ren’s inhabitants are humans. They have a normal demographic distribution and an average life excpectancy of 45 years. Around 3% of the population show signs of magic but only 30% of them really develop magical abilities. Those who are magically active have a considerably higher life span.


The society believes in nature gods. All gods, except the god of death, are female. Most commonly worshipped are:

  • Adela – Goddess of the sun
  • Riane – Queen of the water
  • Dina – Lady of life
  • Cora – Mistress of the night
  • Mortus – God of death


Current regent: Yldir Vac

Yldir Vac applies his laws without mercy. Within few years law and order were reestablished in the war-torn Ren. Initial commotions and riots caused by the cruel regency were ended in bloodshed. Other groups surrendered to the power of King Yldir Vac. The government keeps the population poor and supresses upcoming changes. Typical life for the people is to work, beget children and die. The population does not know where Yldir Vac came from since there are no records of his name or origins.