A Missing Sheep Part XIX

Suddenly, his family started packing and hurrying around. His mother helped Arthema out of bed and over to her wardrobe, where they packed clothes in a small brown backpack. His father turned around and was about to leave the room. Everybody seemed to know what to do or why they were doing it. Even Ira looked as if she wanted to prepare a small backpack with her toys in it.

Fin got angry. He hadn’t got a clue what was going on. “Stop it!” he shouted. Everyone stopped and looked at him, even his father turned around. “What is going on?” Fin asked, his voice broke at the last words and tears were forming in his eyes. “Where are we going? And who is coming?” He stood up so fast that the chair flipped over. “Bloody shitting sheep-shit! I have no clue what’s going on!” He regretted his words immediately and covered his mouth with his hands. Arthema’s laughter broke the shocked silence after a few heartbeats.

“Finnan!”, scolded his mother, her look was stern but not as stern as usual.

“He got that from you,” father said with a smirk.

Mother just looked at him, now really angry. “Why don’t you tell your son what’s going on? Arthema! Stop laughing and start packing!”

“Yes, mother,” his sister said, still chuckling. She continued packing.

His father left the room and motioned for him to follow. On the hallway, he kneeled down in front of Fin and placed a hand on his shoulder. “Fin, listen,” he started. “Your sister has used magic. You know what that means?”

Fin wrinkled his forehead. After a moment he answered, “Yes… I think. It’s forbidden, isn’t it? Does she get into trouble now?”

“Yes,” said Papa. He suddenly looked a lot older, Fin thought. “Very big trouble. They… want to take her away from us. For… For a very long time…”