A Missing Sheep Part XVII

“Arthema, listen,” his mother said. Her expression returned to the calm and soft one she had before. She gently pushed Arthema back. His sister wiped away tears. “Everything will be fine. You hear me?” Mama continued. Arthema sniveled and nodded. Mama pulled out a handkerchief and handed it to her. She blew her nose with it. “And the most important thing is: it is not your fault”, Mama said, stroking some hair out of his sister’s face. “And we all love you no matter what, don’t we?” Mama was looking at Fin and Papa now.

Ira barked, his father grunted in acknowledgement and Fin nodded. Of course he loved his sister, but that was something he would never admit aloud.

Arthema’s eyes began to fill up with tears again. Then she mumbled a “Thank you” and threw herself back into Mama’s arms.

Fin smiled. Everything was good again. In a few weeks, Arthema would be healthy enough to go outside with him. Maybe they would visit the old mill again, throwing some stones. Fin had secretly trained his throwing skills and this time, he was sure he would beat her.

The events of this night were already fading from his memory. He had already forgotten the destruction, Arthema’s wind magic had caused at the clearing. He hadn’t seen much anyway. His father had told him to wait with Ira at the beginning of the clearing, while he searched for Arthema.

“Elna,” Papa said after a moment. “We must hurry; they should be here soon.”