A Missing Sheep Part XV

“Now close your eyes and focus”, his mama said. She moved her hand slowly away from Arthema’s pumping chest. His sister tried to follow the hand but the effort made her face look all distorted. “I– can’t–” she gasped.

“Don’t speak!” Mama said sternly. “Just focus, listen to my voice and feel my hand.” She pushed her hand against Arthema’s chest and started to sing.

It was a sweet and quiet song without words, more like humming. It brought back memories from a time when Fin was younger. He was very sick that time but he didn’t remember what sickness it had been. All he could recall from that time was the almost magical and healing powers that this song had on him.

The rhythm of Mama’s song mirrored her movements. As her hand moved forward, the melody got stronger. And as it retreated, the song got softer. With every movement, the melody spread wider and wider into the room. It pulsed from his mother and wrapped them all in some kind of hypnotic dream. Fin caught himself breathing in the rhythm of the melody.

After a while, his sister’s face relaxed and her breathing calmed down. And as Mama finally stopped singing, Arthema could breathe normal again.

With the end of the song, the dreamlike aura which had filled the room faded away. It was as if the scent of fresh flowers slowly evaporated, leaving behind the old and stale air of a long unused room.