Hi! My name is Stefan and I’m 30 years old.I consider myself as the batman of software development, just without the gadgets, the butler and the money. In my cave I like to develop extraordinary pieces of software night after night and try out different types of technology. As a night owl I often stay awake for long and try to avoid the sunlight as much as possible.

Due to my wife, I don’t totally go to seed and so I spend a halfway normal life including pc gaming, comic cons, cosplay and nerd stuff. Our home appears according to that. Btw our movie collection consists of more than 1000 DVDs and blu-rays.

My alter ego works in a software company together with Flo. When he told me about the idea of his game I instantly got excited. Especially because I’ve always wanted to become a game developer. I became the handyman, created the website and since then, together with my wife, I take care of the social media channels to make Ren’s Underworld common.

Please support our campaign and Flo will activate the bat signal so that I can go into my cave to code you the RPG that you deserve.