A Missing Sheep – Part III

Either the sheep was dead or her curse was suddenly gone but she couldn’t hope for the latter so the sheep had to be dead.

After Arthema had been wandering about an hour in the forest, the light of the sheep suddenly started spinning around like a firefly. And as sudden as it started, it stopped and went out. She stopped, too, listening. However, the only thing she could hear was thunder and the ever-increasing storm which made the trees creak menacingly above her.

She cursed. The light was so close before it went out, only about half an hour away she guessed. It was hard to see very far with the trees so close together and the dwindling light.

Should she turn back? Father would be very angry with her, if she returned with a sheep less. On the other hand, it wouldn’t be the first time a wolf tore a sheep. If it was a wolf at all. The forest was home to more dangerous beasts than wolves. Maybe that was the reason her parents warned them not to wander alone through the woods.

Either way, she had to make sure, if the sheep was really dead. Explaining to her parents that the magical light of the sheep went out and that this was the reason she knew the sheep was dead would not be such a good idea.

A lightning strike cut through the dusk, burning shadowy outlines of the trees in Arthema’s eyes before she could close them. Eyes still closed, she did not have to wait long for the booming thunder that followed the lightning. She had to hurry because the storm was close.