There will be some crafting in Ren’s Underworld, too. Mostly to make potions, medicine and food. Also there will be NPCs in the hubs who can craft something with the necessary ingredients.


Glowing Pointmorel

Alchemy can be used as soon as Essence of Water is skilled. There will be many ingredients to find in the world like collectible mushrooms and plants.
Potions can be made out of these ingredients and with the aid of water magic. Particular ingredients will have different attributes, e.g. healing plants. The proper ingredients will make useful items. When it comes to crafting, however, there will only be the trial-and-error method because unknown ingredients will need exploration by experiments.


Ink stained Bloodbolete

With the aid of skilled Essence of Fire, Food can be made out of diverse ingredients.
Food has to be consumed regularly, of course. Some poisonous ingredients only get edible by fire. Exploring different recipes is the only method here, too.

Armor enhancement

For players specialized on Melee, there will be a skill in Essence of Metal, that enables metalworking so that ores can be harvested with this skill. Armor tiles can then be made from theses ores. These are not substitute to the worn armor but strengthen every worn armor by adding metal tiles.

Bloodgem Tree