Mauritian law imposes certain rights and obligations on both the landlord and the tenant, whether or not there is a written agreement. In many cases, the Landlord and Tenant Act will apply in 1999, but this Law will not apply in the following circumstances:- By the time the tenant can move into the rented premises or arrange for the move into the premises for rent, there is already an oral agreement. Although the oral agreement is valid and binding, it is strongly recommended to conclude a written agreement. If you don`t have a written agreement, you`ll likely end up with unwarranted problems and damage that could have been avoided. The tenant is entitled to a house in good condition of use and repair. These include the apartment itself and its contents, such as cabinets, appliances, furniture, etc. This is the most important aspect of the rental agreement that the landlord must respect at the beginning. The owner is therefore required to make available to his tenant a well-maintained property. Here are some of the most important points to deal with in a lease / lease (non-exhaustive list) – Park Lane Properties, real estate agency specializing in the rental of houses, apartments, offices and commercial premises, accompanies tenants and lessors in the signing of leases. Park Lane Properties also offers a rent management service in the interest of both the landlord and tenant.

The acquisition of real estate under the PDS regime in Mauricie allows you to rent your home. You leave a rental investment to abandon your property at the end of a lease. The buyer tenant can then occupy the property for 1 to 5 years, while paying you a rental subsidy and a savings supplement for the purchase of housing. An investment that can bring you a significant additional source of income. In addition, the purchase of a luxury villa in Mauritius allows you to obtain an Occupation Permit while benefiting from a very flexible taxation. In fact, for a purchase of more than $500,000, you are exempt from any type of tax in the Mauricie, with the exception of income tax, which is set at 15%. When you become tenants, you will assume certain responsibilities in exchange for certain rights. Your lease will usually be 4-5 pages and will be very detailed. It lists your responsibilities; So read it carefully. It will at least turn out that in a rental-housing agreement, the first buyer lives in his house as a “tenant-access”. .

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