Also check your written agreement to check the end date of the assistance to the children. In most cases, the cessation of payments occurs when the child reaches a certain age or level of education. Nor is it uncommon for the agreement on family allowances to describe precisely the cost of family allowances. Often, these costs should be directly devoted to the child`s education and the agreement must apply it. Generally acceptable costs in a living contract for children or health care expenses, health-related payments and health insurance, school education and school fees such as school materials, medical care expenses, payments for special needs for other needs. Finally, with regard to costs, the agreement may indicate the expenses for which the custodial parent, the parent with the right of custody, the child, is responsible, if any. A maintenance responsibility for children, whether initiated by an interview agreement or a formal assessment, may be waived by an maintenance agreement providing for the end of a responsibility from a given day. The end date can be explicit or implicit. There is no need to go through the legal process of drafting the proposal for the child support agreement, especially if it satisfies both parties. Nevertheless, you should have the alimony agreement in writing amicably in order to clarify things for both parties. The exception is that the parents were not living together at the time of the child`s birth. A mandatory child welfare agreement is much more difficult to terminate and aims to ensure the safety and end of the issue of child welfare.

This agreement remains mandatory despite a change in income, loss of employment, bankruptcy or change in income capacity. Given the seriousness of the agreements, each party is required to seek independent legal advice and to carefully consider whether it is appropriate to enter into such an agreement, given that the agreement remains in force and binding until an end-of-agreement event occurs, for example. B a child who is 18 years of age or who has completed secondary education. Almost all provincial chambers of attorneys have referral services that can help you connect with lawyers who offer free or discounted consultations the first time. Your state may also have family justice services that can recommend mediation that can help reach an out-of-court agreement with the other parent. Example: Linda and Kiran have a child assistance assessment for their children Talon and Harper. Talon lives with Linda and Harper with Kiran. Linda has to pay Kiran US$2,000 a year for Harper and Kiran linda US$1,000 a year for Talon; The sums are charged in such a way that Linda Kiran pays 1000 dollars….