(vi) all applications processed in this section must be agreed in writing. All subsequent extensions after five years are treated by the distribution company as a normal extension of the line and no refund is refunded to the original owner of the land who requested the initial extension of the line. (1532 No. 4, 2005; 1200 No. 2, 3, 1990; 1065 No. 4, 1985) Nothing in this subsection gives anyone the right to extend the wiring facilities or at the expense of the ECP. There is nothing in this subsection that authorizes the PPU to bear the costs of wiring or equipment, unless the wiring and facilities are owned by the telecommunications of the PPU or the costs of pylons or excavations. The payment of PPU costs under this subsection is replaced by a PPU payment to owners or developers for their telecommunications network development costs. (1573 No. 1, 2, 2007; 1065, No. 4, 1985) (d) Payments.

The provisions of this subsection apply only to permanent services and not to line extensions under KMC 11.06.030. In order for the costs of extending power lines to be recovered appropriately and in a timely manner by the PPU, the following provisions apply: 3) the number, size and, if applicable, the cost of the connections and service lines that it expects to be connected to the support of water pipes; (a) applicants requesting notification of premises or other premises; which require an extension of the power line and may not be eligible under KMC 11.06.020, must take into account: in cases where the ECP finds that the application of the provisions of this chapter relating to the interpretation of the supply company appears to be incompetent or unfair to the applicant (for example. B where the use of materials is greater or greater than the construction requirements in this chapter may be removed in order to eliminate or reduce the inoperable or unfair result, in order to eliminate or reduce the inoperable or unfair result. (1065, No. 4, 1985) (9) a declaration that the owner must bear, in addition to the return costs, the connection costs, including all maintenance lines, auxiliary lines, pumps and other work required to provide water from the water main to the owner`s property; (12) a declaration that fire butchers may be charged to the owner regardless of a connection to the water line; and (2) P.C.A. leads to a written estimate of construction costs for each line extension requested.