We want to avoid unnecessary expenses or costs. We can enter into contracts with hotels and agencies to get the best possible prices. We also aim for the cheapest option if we can. For example, we prefer to book economy airfares unless there is a reason to improve travel. If you wish to travel related to work, [office manager/personal assistant/HR] will usually arrange most of your accommodation and transportation costs and document these fees. You must: Our corporate policy for personnel expenses describes how we compensate employees for work-related expenses. We define “work-related expenses” and define a procedure for authorizing expenses. We reimburse them for all reasonable business costs after they have been approved, in part or in full, depending on what may be the case. These expenses can be capped and [HR/staff managers] should be allowed. If you spend more than the approved amount, you must cover the additional costs yourself. The spending clause explains how costs (travel, equipment, etc.) are covered as part of the agreement. Whether each party simply pays its own expenses, one party reimburses the other, or one party forwards the costs to the other.

Travel costs include any type of transportation and accommodation you have to make for a business trip. Expenses related to this category, which may be fully or partially refundable, include: health care costs as a result of travel-related accidents may be covered by the insurance of compensated workers. Otherwise, we may be able to reimburse you for your medical expenses. This category includes employee-related expenses in the form of a benefit (e.g. B business phone) or maintenance costs that may occur in a business environment (for example. B professional dinner with clients or colleagues). Your supervisor or hrHR is responsible for approving claims. If your supervisor approves your expenses, you will receive your refund during [two] salary periods [by cheque.] We look at all overspending. We may take disciplinary action in the event of allegations that are systematically falsified or exaggerated. This list is not exhaustive. Please ask [Personal (HR)/Remuneration Manager for refundable expenses before going on a business trip.