Note: If a franchisor intends to renew the franchise agreement, they must inform you (at the same time) that you are entitled to an up-to-date disclosure document (if you have not yet requested one in the last 12 months). “Subway franchisees have been forced to purchase thermometers for about $250 each, while a thermometer with a similar specification can be purchased for $30,” he added. “When I asked Subway for an explanation, I was told that Subway`s thermometer was somehow superior, even though the specifications were the same and they were both doing the same job.” Under the Property Agents and Land Transactions Act 2005 (Tasmania), the franchisor and the real estate agent, when a real estate agent continues to operate under a franchise agreement, are guilty of a criminal offence if the real estate agent does not comply with his fiduciary account obligations, and for any criminal or fraudulent conduct of the real estate agent that leads another person to lose property. Under the Stamp Duty Act, termination and creation of franchise agreements are subject to stamp duty in certain circumstances and are considered transfers between former and new franchisees. This means that Northern Territory franchisees can point markings for asset transfers under franchise agreements. The alleged franchisee has put the sandwich chain`s financial difficulties in mind by the inability to understand the main demographics that are frequented in their stores and an attempt at repositioning that “takes away our main customers”. Franchisors are also required to notify the Fair Trade Department when a franchisee does not account for the agreement`s money. Otherwise, a maximum penalty of 100 penalty units ($11,000) will also be imposed. In a text submitted to Parliament`s franchising question last year, franchisee Paul Cherniakov cited several examples showing that he was forced to buy “poor quality deliveries at exorbitant prices,” including dishwasher detergents at $7 per litre when they can be purchased in supermarkets at $1 per litre. “Franchise owners are required to conduct quarterly audits of their employment documents and Subway conducts proactive and reactive job security checks,” she said. “Subway also provides business assistance services to help them meet their obligations, and has a special helpline for employees.” If you are in dispute about a proposed termination of a franchise agreement, you can use the Code`s dispute resolution procedure.

If the franchisee violates the provisions of the franchise agreement on mandatory arbitration procedures or restrictions on compensation or against which it is able to negotiate, or the right forum to take legal action, the franchisee will pay Subway`s costs and the expenses of persons who are misnamed, including legal fees; the franchisee is responsible for the abuse of process. The Code does not give you the automatic right to renew or renew your franchise agreement or terminate a new contract after the end of the term. Whether you have the right to renew or renew your franchise agreement or enter into a new contract depends on the terms of your individual contract.