A tenant who is a victim of domestic violence can terminate a tenancy agreement by reporting 30 days` notice with a protection order, a copy of a police report or an affidavit signed by a qualified third party certifying an incident of domestic violence that occurred within 90 days of termination. The tenant is responsible for the rent due at the time of termination. If the tenant requires it, you must change the locks, however, at the customer`s expense. The Nevada Residential Real Estate Lease (“Lease”) describes the terms and conditions of use of residential real estate against rent. This contract is legally binding between the landlord and the tenant and describes the rights and obligations of each party. In order for future legal information and the tenant`s claims to be properly communicated to the lessor, the name and address of the landlord or person who can act on behalf of the lessor must be disclosed in advance (usually in the tenancy agreement). The phone number of an emergency contact within 60 miles must also be indicated in the same way in each rental contract. There are certain provisions that you may not include in a rental agreement: A residential real estate lease in Nevada requires that you include certain conditions and provisions. Some of these may vary depending on the city where your rental unit is located and whether local regulations apply. If you have any questions or doubts about your rights and obligations as an owner, contact a landlord/rental lawyer in Nevada.

The Nevada Standard Residential Lease Agreement is a mandatory contract that guarantees tenants a rental contract and requires them to pay monthly rents in exchange for living in a house or apartment. The form was developed by the Nevada Association of Realtors and serves as a comprehensive guide to inform tenants of what is expected of themselves and their landlord, while taking into account all aspects of the contract, such as contact points, possible fees, rent paid by the landlord (and tenant to pay to the tenant) what must be done in case of emergency if the landlord has access to rent, and signatures of all concerned.