In Costa Rica, relations between landlords and tenants are governed by Law 7527 entitled “Ley General de Arrendamientos Urbanos y Suburbanos”. This law applies to all leases or leases relating to houses and other constructions as commercial establishments. Law 7527 does not regulate or regulate hotel rooms, bungalows, car parks or company accommodations for employees. The civil code governs farms and tourist leases. Bail bonds to cover unpaid rents or other tenant obligations may be freely agreed between parties without a legal maximum, but in practice landlords require one month in the form of a deposit. On the other hand, rent payments are limited to a single month`s rent (excluding social housing). third. Inventory: The house is included with fittings, appliances, furniture and accessories in Schedule “A” to this contract, which is an integral part of this lease. The LESSEE confirms the receipt of the items mentioned in the inventory list in good condition and declares itself ready to return them in the same condition as them. Depending on the type of rental (holiday apartment or long-term rental), real estate can be rented for a month to a year or more, and the cost of rent changes accordingly. For example, a short-term apartment in high season (October to May) is significantly more expensive than a long-term rental in a non-tourist area. If the rent of the apartment is agreed in U.S. dollars or other currency, no annual increase is allowed.

A rent increase is only permitted in the case of agreements in costa Rica`s currency colonies. fourth. Use and improvement: Residential housing must be used exclusively for residential purposes for lesSEE and its family and should not be used for other purposes. LESSEE undertakes not to transfer, modify and sublet parts of the property. In addition, section 70 provides that a lease cannot be less than three years. If the tenant or landlord wishes to break the contract, they must terminate the contract for three months. Many short-term and holiday accommodations may need a smaller deposit – check to see if you agree to your stay with the owner.