1.19 Finally, the Labour Relations Change (Simplification of Agreement) Act 2004 was intended to simplify the establishment of certified agreements in the workplace, reduce delays, formalities and costs associated with certifying an agreement, and prevent third-party interference in the agreement. In addition, it is appropriate to extend the operation of certified agreements lasting up to five years. The bill expired at the end of the 40th Parliament. From the employee`s point of view, a common law contract with an underlying bonus allows an employee to keep his remuneration and conditions confidential if he wishes and to negotiate with an employer according to his own needs and wishes. It also allows for changes in conditions (by amending the treaty). However, from a negative point of view, it is more difficult to impose a contractual obligation than an EA obligation. 1.32 Professor Peetz also referred to UNWTO data, which show that the number of employees under collective agreements between 2002 and 2004 is well above the likely increase in registered individual contracts. [14] As the number of organizations is increasingly diverse and the number of people employed is more likely to exist in many types of jobs and activities, enterprise agreements can be very useful for employers with a number of distinctions. They allow a company to define its own classification structures rather than limiting the movement of staff based on premium coverage or the complex system of classifications on several distinctions. It makes compliance easier.

The vast majority of labour disputes over underpayments are due to the general nature of modern public procurement classifications. It can be difficult for employers and workers to correlate very general premium classifications with the very specific roles of the company. A well-developed agreement removes this obstacle. The consequences of this simplification may be a reduction in the time and costs of wage management, as well as a reduction in the risk of compliance. Given that staff are truly involved in the negotiation and approval process, it is likely that the agreements will identify issues that can be resolved and will discuss with the long-term commitment of staff to the organization. Employers who have successfully implemented workplace agreements also indicate that the existence of an agreement and the negotiation process can add value to the broader work culture.