The agreement, which applies to registered nurses and registered psychiatric nurses, includes a lump sum payment of $2,000 for 2013-14 a lump sum payment of $US 1,000 and a two per cent pay increase for 2014-15, a lump sum payment of $1,000 and a salary increase of 2.25 per cent for 2015-16 and a three per cent pay increase for 2016-17. This seems to be a fairly normal union agreement. On the other hand, we could be like the United Kingdom and lay off a large part of our unionized employees for less skilled free market workers. It only has the effect that hospital staff work harder for less money and have negative effects on patients` health. But it`s cheaper! Some of the features of the new agreement, which expires on July 31, 2019, are: “The very strong vote in favour of this agreement shows how pleased AA members are with the outcome of this round of negotiations,” AA Vice-President Daphne Wallace said in a press release. So here`s the only restriction, once I get Grade 9, the only pay increases I`ll get will come from the annual increases that the unions are talking about. Currently, members of my union receive 1% per year (plus a $1,000 package). After year 9, I will have reached my increases of steps to the maximum, the incentive to stay will be on leave (5 days for every 5 years), I currently have 4 weeks off. Do I need these annual increases? Perhaps we should increase the cost of living, but not the 2 to 5% increases we have received in the past.

After months of negotiations, a first collective agreement was ratified by members of the United Nurses of Alberta Local 422 employees of calgary`s Extendicare Cedars Residence. I haven`t exhausted my salary yet. It`s going to happen in Grade 9, where I`m going to make almost $110,000. This does not include all the benefits paid by employers and, until then, we will have another collective agreement that will increase that maximum salary (and therefore my maximum salary). Interestingly, I really thought people had more problems. Maybe I`m alone with that opinion. I am happy to pay taxes so that nurses are well paid. I want the environment to improve in their work so that they can get better results and serve us as best as possible. I am not saying that the staff are doing too much, I agree, nurses should be well compensated, they are important.

My point is that the unions say that 0% is not an increase, when in reality it could mean a real increase. Look here the thing is part of the AHS, during the X years (differences for each position or union) I receive an annual increase in pay, in addition to a salary increase. You can check out these step increases here AUPE, HSAA, UNA. I work with many, many nurses, and I would say that many prefer less than full time.