This share transfer form can be executed in any number of counter-parties and by parties on separate counterparts, and each of the exported counterparties, if exchanged or delivered correctly, is considered original, but together they constitute the same instrument. Disclaimer: The information contained in this article and on this website serves only general understanding and is not designed as legal advice. Each case is unique, and laws and regulations are constantly changing. If you have questions about legal documents, discuss them with a lawyer. Here are some examples of clauses that provide for signing in return: some practitioners believe that an enforcement clause requiring the signature of two authorized signatories can be signed in return. On this point, however, the legal authority is lacking and it is not the preferred opinion. As a general rule, a counter-clause would indicate something that specifies that the agreement can be executed in any number of counterparties and that each piece is a duplicate of the original. All parties are considered a single agreement. Since the first use of the objections, the courts have created numerous exceptions and reservations with respect to this incriminating requirement. Simply put, this means that double copies of an agreement are printed, so there is a separate copy to be signed by each party.

The signed copies are then consolidated as if all parts of the same page had signed to conclude a complete agreement executed. As a general rule, a counter-clause would be: “This agreement can be executed in any number of counterparties, each, when executed and delivered, represents an original double, but all the considerations combined constitute a single agreement.” For example, if two approved signatories are required to sign on behalf of a company, it is preferable that the two approved signatories do not sign considerations. In the event that both signatories are unable to sign on the same signature page, it is preferable for an agent to sign in the presence of the company secretary or a witness. If the parties run multiple copies of a contract, the documents must be identical. However, it is possible to argue that the execution of a signature page does not correspond to an agreement. The use of contract enforcement is essential for this agreement to have different views on the law. An overview of how the deal is sold in the , as stated in the clause? Dated for the party can be written in counterparties – letter for all parties often require that each part of electronic signature in the name or hold a document.