KRS 45A.095: Considers the creation of personalized service contracts through non-competitive negotiations only for purchases from the sole source or where a competition is not possible, as the purchasing services wrote prior to the award, or if emergency conditions exist. Emergency conditions are defined in accordance with CS 45A.095 (3): an emergency is a situation, which poses an imminent threat or threat to public health, well-being or security, such as fires, floods, tornadoes, natural disasters or other man-made disasters, epidemics, riots, hostile attacks, sabotage, explosion, power outages, energy shortages , traffic emergencies, equipment failures, government or federal legislative mandates. or similar events. The existence of an emergency creates an immediate and serious need for services, constructions or personal property that cannot be met by normal procurement methods and whose absence would seriously compromise the functioning of government, the preservation or protection of property, the health or safety of a person. The only source is a situation in which there is only one (1) known competent service provider, conditioned by the singularity of the requirement, the supplier or the market conditions. (e) no advance is made to a contractor for the provision of services prior to the expiry of the contract, unless the delegate and the HR division head comply. (a) in principle, a contractor should not engage in a basic university activity (for example. Teaching, tutoring, curriculum development and research; or services exclusively at the university, including former staff members who have resigned and applied for a contract to perform similar work. i. the provision of professional professional services to projects PLEASE NOTE: IRS guidelines require the certification of any mandated service provider for tax reporting purposes. It is the project manager`s responsibility to send a W-9 form to the university`s credit department.

To ensure that the information contained on the contractor`s W-9m remains confidential, we ask the contractor to fax the completed W-9 to the following secure fax: 203-392-9990. The W-9 is only required once, unless the contractor`s tax information changes (i.e. the name change, the supplier`s status, etc.). The W-9 is stored in the credit payment service. Please note that payment to the contractor for the services provided is only made if there is a W-9. To find out if the university already has a W-9 file, please contact the credit accounts department at X 26844. All agreements that involve the purchase of goods or services by the college or the use of colleges or resources by third parties do not require a written contract, but many do. If the agreement involves a significant risk or potential liability that must be shared between the parties, or if the obligations and responsibilities of the parties are not so fundamental and obvious that they should not be established in writing, a contract should be used.

The following subsections describe some common types or categories of commercial or commercial transactions and specify situations that require (or not) a written contract. Note that the contracts may come from either the college or the other contracting party. Regardless of origin, they are generally modified by the other party and approved by both parties.