Under the conditions and restrictions covered by this chapter, the insurer and the worker may, with the written agreement of the employer, if an experience contract under employer law is an experience modified, under an agreement provided for in Section 19, to pay any liability for compensation, in whole or in part, by the payment of a lump sum by the insurer. If the worker is not represented by counsel, the parties request that the reasonable and reasonable amount be established by an administrative judge or administrative judge, payable on the lump sum, in order to alleviate a recognizable wagering fee in accordance with Section 46 A, or a party requesting that such an agreement be approved by an administrative judge or administrative judge before such an agreement is filed with the service. if a lump sum agreement has only been reached when it has been approved by an administrative judge or administrative judge, because it is in the applicant`s best interests. The term “Section 19 Agreement” is named after the section of the Massachusetts Workers` Compensation Act, which governs such agreements, namely.M.G.L.c. 152 . Section 19 states in part that “any compensation is awarded in writing by the parties and subject to the service`s agreement. All other issues raised by this chapter can be resolved by appointment. These agreements apply to all uses in the same way as a section 12 provision. A staff member`s claim must first be submitted to a conciliator who determines whether the claim is accompanied by the documents and information necessary to be submitted to an administrative judge. See section 10. This generally means that the worker must have medical advice that the worker suffers from a disability caused by the worker`s work with the insured employer. Referral to the conciliator is made within 15 days of filing the application, which may be extended by the conciliator. By.

10 (2). The conciliator may request additional documents before submitting the application to an administrative judge. If the parties agree on an adjustment of the debt, it will recall an agreement on the payment of compensation, Form 113, which the conciliator can approve on behalf of the division. 19. Once liability for the payment of a debt has been established, the insurer can only amend or terminate the payment of benefits with the agreement of the employee, the agreement of an administrative judge or the filing of a complaint with the dispute resolution service.