A borrower is not liable for an amount above the prescribed maximum for unauthorized fees under a credit contract for open loans. Any future performance contract must be written, delivered to the consumer and complied with the prescribed requirements. A personal development services contract for the renewal or renewal of the contract is not valid unless the supplier meets the prescribed requirements. as part of the cost of credit, any amount that goes beyond the amounts indicated in the returns that that party must provide to the borrower for the agreement. Nothing in this section prevents a consumer and supplier from accepting changes in the forecast status or price in a consumer agreement when the consumer needs additional goods or services or other services. This part does not apply to a supplier credit contract that – A consumer may terminate a contract remotely at any time from the date of the contract`s conclusion up to seven days after receiving a copy of the contract if the supplier does not comply with Section 36. 2. Execution Agency (1) National Treasury and Planning Address: Treasury Building, Harambee Avenue, P.O Box 30007-00100, Nairobi, Kenya Phone: `254-20- 225-2299 (2) Ministry of Health Address: Afya House, Cathedral Road, Mailbox: 30016-00100, Nairobi, Kenya Phone: `254-20-271-7077 3. Planned implementation plan (1) Completion of the project: February 2021 – with the completion of the loan (2) Sending letters of advice invitations: No recruitment of consultants is planned for this program. (3) Tender for the first package of international tenders for the construction of projects: no work related to tenders is planned for this programme.

When a borrower repays the entire remaining balance under a fixed loan credit contract, the lender repays the borrower or borrower the prescribed portion of the amounts paid by the borrower under the agreement or added to the balance of the agreement that are part of the cost of credit. , with amounts other than interest paid. What types of events typically trigger mandatory prepayments? Can the debtor reinvest the sale of assets or an accidental event in his business instead of paying bank loans in advance? Describe other common exceptions to mandatory prepayment. An agreement on personal development services may be concluded for more than one year after all services are made available to the consumer. If the delivery or delivery date is not specified in the future delivery contract, a consumer may terminate the contract at any time before delivery or the start of delivery if the supplier does not deliver or accept delivery within thirty days of the contract being concluded.