As a general rule, an additional clause is added, along with a diplomatic clause called a refund clause. This simply means that as a tenant, you would be required to reimburse the landlord for brokerage fees on a pro-rata basis. Again, depending on the desperation of the owner, the rental unit, you can always try to negotiate. By remaining flexible in accepting “diplomatic clauses,” landlords open up the potential rental market to their condos. To maximize rental income and reduce empty spaces! However, this clause only authorizes the early termination of the tenancy agreement if the tenant has to leave the country permanently to work or if the tenant is evicted from Singapore or cannot stay in Singapore and must be proven to the landlord. Some diplomatic clauses may also provide that the right to terminate only occur after a certain period of tenancy has expired. For example, a diplomatic clause may provide that the tenant may not terminate the tenancy agreement prematurely until three months after the start of the tenancy period. If he terminates the lease at some point, he may be required to pay damages to the owner for breach of the clause. A diplomatic clause is therefore particularly appropriate for foreigners working in Singapore, as they could be transferred abroad or could cease their employment in Singapore at any time.

Excerpt from the general conditions and rental rules and practices in force in the canton of Geneva (this text is only available in French) (see Article 56 for rental of dwellings and article 36 for house rental contracts – English translation). A. When the tenant or resident of the accommodation expressly designated in the rental agreement, which has a legitimation card issued by the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs, regardless of nationality, is transferred by his employer from the canton of Geneva or Switzerland, he has the right to terminate the lease from the end of the month in which he invokes this clause , by presenting a document of proof from his employer; B. If the tenant or occupant of the accommodation specifically designated in the rental contract, holder of a legitimation card issued by the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs, who is a foreigner and does not have a visitation permit or residence in Switzerland, is terminated by his employer, he has the right to terminate the tenancy contract from the end of the month following the month of termination. , with the presentation of a proof document from his employer. C. In addition to the rental and rental costs that are due up to the return of the premises for the art process. A and B, the tenant must pay compensation for the early termination of the lease of three months` rent and rent.

However, the allowance is reduced in relation to the actual loss of rent if the apartment (in the house) which is empty can be rented less than three months after the tenant`s effective handover to a third party; D. The tenant may not use this diplomatic clause until the end of the first year of tenancy, as all contrary agreements are reserved, particularly in the case of a special placement made at the request of the tenant or tenant expressly designated in the tenancy agreement.