(c) the lessor intends, in good faith, to rent or deliver the rental unit to a new janitor, administrator or superintendent. (c) a clause for which a landlord or tenant has been ordered by the director that the other`s agreement is not necessary. (2) Subject to section 50 [tenant may terminate the lease prematurely] and if the lease is provided, a lessor may terminate the lease of a subsidized rental unit by announcing the end of the lease if the tenant or any other tenant is no longer, if applicable, eligible for the rental unit. (4) Instead of imposing a sanction under paragraph 1, the Director may, subject to the provisions, enter into an agreement with the person who would otherwise be responsible for the sentence. (a) the decision to terminate the lease on the date on which the director considers that the performance of the tenancy agreement has become impossible and 54 (1) A tenant who has entered into a tenancy agreement with a landlord may apply for a property order from the rental unit in the event of a dispute resolution application. If the tenant wishes to end one month`s monthly rent, he can at any time notify in writing one month “to be effective on the last day or before the last day of a payment period on the last day of a subsequent payment period” (e.g. B by May 31 to move on June 30). The landlord cannot challenge the tenant`s termination. However, if the tenant`s notification does not meet the RTA requirements (ss 45(1) and 45.2), the tenant may be required to pay an additional monthly rent. 3) There is an inappropriate number of occupants in the rental unit 70 (1) The director may, by order, suspend the terms of a landlord`s right to enter a rental unit under Section 29 [the landlord`s right to enter the restricted rental unit]. The termination process can only begin when the landlord has given the injury letter to the tenant. (k) the rental unit must be cleared to comply with an injunction from a federal authority, British Columbia, a regional or local authority; 2.

If a fixed-term lease is still 6 months or more, the lessor cannot unreasonably withhold the consent required under item 1 above. NOTE: If the lessor does not take steps within a reasonable time to use the property for the reason mentioned in the eviction notice, the landlord must pay the tenant 12 times the monthly rent payable in the tenancy agreement (s 51(2)). The lessor`s use must be made for at least six months within a reasonable period of time after the termination comes into effect, to prevent the landlord from simply moving in a parent for one month. The owner may be released for reasons of hardness. Forms and Fees A collection of online forms (PDF files) for residential rentals and home rentals. www.rto.gov.bc.ca/content/formsFees/default.aspx (6) A lessor may terminate a tenancy agreement in relation to a rental unit if the lessor has all the required legal authorizations and authorizations and intends to do so in good faith: (g) the tenant does not repair any damage to the rental unit or other real estate, as provided by Section 32 (3) [repair and maintenance obligations] within a reasonable time; A fixed-term lease can only be terminated prematurely in three circumstances: both parties agree in writing; there are special circumstances, for example.B. the tenant is fleeing domestic violence or the tenant has been considered in need of care or has been admitted to a long-term care facility; or as ordered by an arbitrator Learn more about the termination of a temporary rent for domestic violence or long-term care. At the end of your lease, you and your landlord must go through your rental unit and complete an exit status inspection report. This is an opportunity to complete a checklist and document the condition of your home. If you complete this report, if you undress, you can determine how much damage, if any, was caused during dessancy.