To fill out a prescription drug, log in to your member account. If you have a new recipe and want to start delivery, fill out the form below and send it to us with your recipe. In this form, your information is also updated in the online provider`s directory. If you receive an invoice or need care from a doctor who is not on the Aetna network and you need to submit an application, please fill out one of the forms below and send it to the address on your ID card. Print a Prescription Drug Application Form Print a Prescription Drug Application Form (in Spanish) Part D Forms: Please read the Medicare section on this page. It should be noted that insurance companies have a legal obligation to properly treat patients by well-trained professionals. Therefore, if the insurance plan does not cover off-network services, and there are no in-network providers with the specified specialty, then you, as a qualified provider, can negotiate your usual full fees as a meeting rate for new patients. This is because the patient does not simply choose to see you, but is forced to deal with insufficient providers in the network. In this case, the patient usually makes the case with the assurance of an ACS with you before starting treatment. Authorization to Share Protected Health Information (PDF) The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has just issued a notice on the information reporting requirements added by the Affordable Care Act (ACA). The IRS has now reduced the tax penalty for the execution of the “individual mandate” to zero, and the IRS said in its press release that a person does not need the information on Form 1095-B to calculate their federal tax liability or file a tax return on the service. As a result, Aetna will not send Form 1095-B for the tax year submitted for reporting.

For those who have previously received their Form 1095-B in the mail, you can obtain a copy of your Form 1095-B by going to Aetna`s website at the “Message Center” under the “Letters and Communication” tab or by sending a request to Aetna PO BOX 981206, El Paso, TX 79998-1206. We will continue to provide Form 1095-B to members living in states that have fulfilled their own individual mandates, namely New Jersey, Washington, D.C., Vermont, Rhode Island and California.